Dogs Can Be Women’s Best Friends Too

We all know the saying, “dogs are man’s best friend” but I object to this notion because dogs can be a woman’s best friend too. I never had a pet dog growing up, my parents hated animals, and I didn’t rush to get one once I was on my own. It wasn’t until much later in life, I met Maggie who quickly became not only my pet but my best friend.


Empty Home


After my divorce from my husband of twenty years, I was lonely. My three children were all grown up and away at college. I lived in a big house by myself, and it showed. I stayed in bed most days and fell into a depression that consumed every minute of my day. My girlfriends would come over and try to help me clean the house and get me out of my funk. One day, one of them suggested getting a dog, something I could raise and take care of, a companion. I scoffed at the idea but began to consider it.



Adopting Maggie


I decided to go to the local animal shelter and look at the dogs there. A friend of mine had adopted a rescue dog, and it was a beautiful relationship. I looked at each dog in their kennels, admiring them and waiting until I met the “one.” When I reached the end, I finally saw her. Her beautiful brown fur and big eyes drew me in, she stared right back at me, tail wagging and all. I knew she was the one I was looking for and hurried to sign the paperwork.


Bringing Maggie Home


The car ride was hysterical, as Maggie hung her head out of the window and barked at everything. Her happiness was infectious, and I found myself laughing. We arrived home, and she ran everywhere, smelling everything and barking happily. I found myself smiling and chasing her all over the place. It was the first time I had laughed in months, feelings of happiness and giddiness overtook me instead of sorrow and depression.



Maggie Saved Me


Maggie immediately became my best friend, my baby, and my protector. She slept curled up next to me every night, almost hugging me as if shielding me from bad dreams and feelings. Maggie went everywhere with me on runs, hikes, and swimming. My friends came over to meet her, and she greeted each of them with licks and happy barks.


Maggie was what I needed, and it showed. My children noticed too and were happy to see me smiling and back to my usual self. Maggie brought out the best in me, and I was forever grateful for my friend’s suggestion. I eventually adopted two more dogs from the same shelter and Maggie took to them like long lost friends. All three of them became my best friends, and I no longer felt alone or depressed. Dogs can be either a woman or man’s best friend, and I had proof.