How to Raise a Puppy Into a Healthy Dog

Puppies are much like babies, in which they often need to be taught certain things from the get-go to avoid problems later in life. To teach them these things, and also help keep your puppy very happy in the home, here are some tips to follow.


A checkup and a home


First, always go to the vet as soon as possible with a newborn puppy, and get some form of diagnosis before bringing it home. If a puppy is sick, then their temperament and behavior can change and be different from the norm. Get treatment and once it starts to feel better then start analyzing its behavior and bringing it into its new environment.



A second tip is to give them a place to call their own, and this is most often a crate. Crates are common enough to substitute a cave or dark spot that most puppies will call their own, and as long as the experiences surrounding the crate are positive (don’t send them there as punishment) the puppy will treat it as a second home.


If the crate has a blanket, treats, and chew toys inside, it will become even more enticing and positive for it. Plus it can help with housetraining as dogs are programmed not to use the bathroom where they sleep, so chances are they will equate the outdoors with the bathroom sooner.


Rest and runs for rover



Most puppies also need to learn that being left on their own for short periods of time is okay, and this is normally done using the crate. Much like humans, they need to go to their ‘bedroom’ and be left alone for a while.


Training to let your dog nap or being out of the canine’s sight for a short period will gradually help them be better at being left alone for a few hours and also help them train their bladders to hold it in.


In addition,socialization or the act of exposing the puppy to as many new situations as possible will also help in their development. Handling them and teaching them to accept their bodies being touched, letting them explore their new environments and toys, and allowing them to play with other puppies and animals are all good ways to expose them to the world.



A well-socialized puppy will be more than happy to explore new areas in adulthood and experience new environments with curiosity instead of fear. They will also be kinder instead of aggressive to other humans and animals.




Taking care of a young puppy and nurturing it into a full-blown and healthy dog is a rewarding task that can keep the house happy and the dog happy with the family. By training and teaching it while it is young, the puppy will grow into a happy and well-loved family member.


Just remember that patience and practice will make perfect and everything will be fine with your new friend.