Ways to Puppy Proof a House

Getting a new puppy is exciting! But much like with a baby, a substantial amount of proofing is needed to be done before bringing the cute furball home. Puppies are curious, mischievous and, much like babies, they explore with their mouths and noses.


So to keep the house and yard a puppy proof area, here are a few puppy proofing tips that everyone can follow to ensure all potential problems are avoided.


Puppy-Proofing poisons


Puppies, as stated, explore with their mouths, and substances that can poison them are often unknowingly within reach for many dog owners. These poisons can include foods such as chocolate, grapes, and onions, cleaning supplies, and certain plants. Ensuring that everyone is careful when eating these foods and keeping them from falling on the floor will help.


Cleaning supplies and medication must also be kept away from puppies, mostly through doors and childproof locks, or by keeping them up on high shelves that can’t be reached.


Harmful hound hazards in the home


In addition, garbage must also be closed and secured, both indoor and outdoor cans. Try to keep the cans behind something that the puppy can’t move or get into easily, or weigh down the lids so they can’t be knocked off.


Toilet lids must also be weighted down to prevent the puppy from falling in or becoming infected by any bathroom cleaner. Keeping the puppy away from a pool or any standing water until they can be safely taught to swim is also a recommended idea.



Also, ensure that toys are kept around to prevent the puppy from chewing on furniture or wires, as this can be annoying at best and life-threatening at worst. By showing them what toys they are meant to use and playing with them to prevent boredom, the puppy will learn to play with them himself.


Backyard safety for the barker


If the puppy is going to be in the backyard, either unsupervised or supervised, the primary concern is to ensure the gate to the yard is locked and secured, any holes or places where the puppy could either get out or be stuck are blocked, and a barrier has been built to block him off from any areas he can’t go to- like a pool or guardian.



Doing some research to ensure your yard is free of poisonous plants and other chemicals that can harm the furry friend will also keep the outdoor time safe and full of play and fun.




By routinely checking that the home is a puppy and eventually dog proof environment, the four-legged friend will live a happy life and be safe from common household problems,leaving the owners full of confidence that they can leave the house and not come home to a mess.


A bored puppy is no laughing matter and might end up being more trouble than it’s worth, and no one wants to feel that way about those little bundles of adorable fluffy cuteness!